2016 Band Lineup


You Bred Raptors?

Based in Astoria, NY,  Y.B.R. is a Video Game & Film inspired band composed of Peat Rains , Bryan Wilson, and KC Solaris..  They have recorded four albums and their sound has been described as a mix of genres from, heavy, post-rock, experimental, and film score-like.

The World Is Square

Returning to RetroWorld Expo, T.W.I.S. is  a Boston, MA based 5 Piece VGM Folk Band who primarily focuses on covers of the Classic Years of SquareSoft/Enix.

Lame Genie

Hailing from Rhode Island, Lame Genie is a hard rock VGM cover band.  They have released 8 albums in the course of the 2 years they have been together and cover games such as TMNT, TLOZ, Star Fox, Fzero and more!

Epic Game Music

James Ronald shreds his way back to RetroWorld Expo.  The Toronto, Canada based one man VGM cover band plays everything from Final Fantasy to Megaman, the melodic to the hard rock, you name it he wails it.

Music Performance Inquiries

Got a band and want to play at RetroWorld Expo?  CLICK HERE to submit a request.

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