Mega Retro After Party


 (21 and over ONLY, $5 Entry Fee)

Saturday 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm RWX Social (Panel Room A) Join us for the RWX After Party with DJ Semi for some socializing, hanging with our guests, and gaming . Laserdisc Movie Night (Panel Room B) Hosted by CultureDog, let’s kick it old school while we watch some classic movies on our favorite classic video format LaserDisc! Drink and Draw (Panel Room Lounge Area Join us for a RWX Artist meetup! • pencil sketches from various artists • ink sketches from various artists • artist jam pieces (artists all working on a single themed piece) • trade a beer for a quick sketch (artist discretion) • 10:45pm raffle for an oversized themed jam (possible, and there may be more than one) • Art battles (artists have one or two minutes to create an audience inspired piece. Most cheers is the winner) • sit with an artist and talk about process, approach, and anything else that you can think of

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