Musical Performances

Since its inception music has always been a huge part of RetroWorld Expo. We feel video game music is a key element of any game and we love to pay tribute to the sounds that transformed these games.

Stay Tuned for updated 2020 info! (see 2019 lineup below)


Website: RF Switch

R/F Switch (like its iconic 80sand 90s namesake) is an instrumental progressive rock quartet whose setlist switches back and forth from video game music to classic 80s TV themes. The band has performed at video game conventions all across New England.



Hailing from Norwalk the NGSO is full-piece orchestra playing soothing video game music.


Website: Lame Genie

Lame Genie is a heavy 3.5 piece video game cover band from Providence, RI.Lame Genie’s goal is to re-imagine video game music to sound as BIG as possible, from all eras of gaming.


Website: DJ Radlib

Radlib rocks the FM. His inspiration stems heavily from the 90’s, focusing on the style, finesse, and culture from that time period.


Website: DJ Falconeer

Blending over the top synth pop and retro game influences, Falconeer builds on a vintage synthesizers, modified video game consoles, and a bit of tongue in cheek nostalgia for hyperbolic electronic hits of the 80s to make a sound somewhere between Kraftwerk and LCD