Smash Bros. Tournament

Are you ready for competitive Smash?!

RWX is pleased to announce that Underworld Gamez and Great Value Smash will be our main tournament organizers. Special thanks to Matthew Dryzzen Beverley at Underworld Gamez and Justin Mills with Great Value Smash for being a part of this year’s show and hosting our competitive Smash buy phentermine slimming pills Tournaments

Underworld Gamez and Great Value Smash are two of the top tournament organizers in New England and are involved in not just Smash tournaments but hosting events for the entire fighting game community.

The Smash Tournaments will showcase some of the top players in the region, live streaming and professional commentators! Stay tuned for more info on this and other upcoming tournament announcements.

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Instate players: LingLing, Light, SIN | Glare, Nelvin, SIN | Scot!, Zodi, D, FP Chavo, Don, FP | Kogarasuma, Sage, GH | Tony Pajamas, Xion, Nevvy, Mr. Freeze, UG Actual Garbage, UG Baroness, TRL, Kiwi and more.

Pot Bonuses: TBA


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