1PM The Thin Line Between Collecting and Reselling

Join Youtuber\store owner RetroRick and Retro Games Plus Owner\RWX Co-Owner Kris Krohn as they discuss their journey from being video game collectors to video game store owners.

2PM Conversation w\Terry Torok, the Futurist & OG of Esports

An original producer and host at the genesis of eSports;  Terry produced and hosted the original Nintendo World Championships, The first world-wide TV show Video Power, the first arena in Times Square NY dedicated to video game competitions and numerous other worldwide tours.  He’ll discuss his career in competitions around the world, working with over 2,000 college campuses and speak to the new career  opportunities in college NIL and the future of eSports.

3PM How to Find Underpriced Video Games with Phoenix Resale

These days collecting video games can cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn't have to. During this panel Phoenix Resale will be sharing some of his best learnings from 5 years of professional video game hunting on how to score big with a small budget.

4PM Best Mods of 2023 with Macho Nacho Prod. & RetroRGB

Join Bob from “RetroRGB” and Tito from “Macho Nacho Productions” as they discuss their favorite mods of 2023!

5PM Toy Maker vs. Game Maker: The Prehistory of Nintendo Vs. Sega

Jeremy Parish, Nadia Oxford, and Diamond Feit of the Retronauts Podcast will take a look at some of Nintendo and Sega’s work before they entered the console race (40 years ago this summer) and examine how their specialties resulted in their distinct takes on home gaming.

6PM Tim Kitzrow 30 Years of NBA JAM

Join the iconic voice announcer of “NBA JAM” Tim Kitzrow as he discusses his work on the series, its legacy and much more.



1PM Best Retro Handhelds for Any Budget

Team Retrogue will discuss some of the best handhelds out there in 2023 and give their opinion where the market is going.

2PM SSRG Reunion Mega Panel

The Sonic Stuff Research Group is known for launching the modern day Sonic research and game modding scene. It was also the starting point for various game developers, including those that worked on "Sonic Mania".  Join seven SSRG alumni as they take a look at the creation of the site and its lasting influence in their first ever group appearance.

3PM The Legend of Zelda: Link and Zelda's Eternal and Ill-Fated Love

Join Nadia Oxford as she takes a look back at the relationship Link and Zelda have had from game to game.  Using various published materials she will look at how these two relationships have not been not so clearly portrayed over the years.

4PM The Dungeon Masters Guide to DMing

Having trouble finding someone to DM for your DnD group? Learn everything you need to know about the basics of DMing from DnD playtesters Feedback Loop in this panel. This panel will go over the basics of running a tabletop RPG as well as go into tips and tricks to improve your skills as a DM!

5PM Let's modify a Genesis Game for the First Time!

SSRG alum Saxman as he gives a live demonstration for first time SEGA Genesis game hackers discussing the tools and techniques needed to make their first game mod.

6PM Console Wars Trivia

Test your video game knowledge in this trivia panel!  Early 80’s gaming, 90s Nintendo vs Sega, Playstation, to early 2000s, put your skills to the test panel!  Early 80’s gaming, 90s Nintendo vs Sega, Playstation, to early 2000s, put your skills to the test.



12PM Hunting for Collectibles in the Wild & Market Trends

Travis Landry of Antique Road Show and Kris Krohn of Retrogames Plus will discuss they’re thoughts on recent collectible market trends.

1PM Ian James Corlett Q&A

Ian has voiced  DBZs “Goku,” Transformers Beast Wars “Cheetor”, “Megaman” in the animated Megaman show, “Bob” in the animated series Reboot, “Miroku” in Yashahime and much more.  Join him as he discusses his decades of voiceover work and more.

2PM Dan Larson Rules of my Collection

With companies marketing directly to our nostalgic hearts these days it's hard to NOT to want to buy everything.  Join Dan Larson of Secret Galaxy as he discusses the how and why he decided to limit collecting.

3PM A Brief History of James Bond in Video Games 

While GoldenEye is the most well known, there have been James Bond video games dating back to 1982. This panel takes a small but detailed look at how the games in the Bond franchise have evolved over time and how there are some surprising connections to other games you may not expect. What does a James Bond and Ultima have in common? Find out in this panel!

4PM Bootleg Games Aren't All Bad

Bootleg games often have a bad reputation due to how people talk about them online or in YouTube videos. Would you believe me if I told you that there are some hidden gems and there are some good bootleg games out there?



1PM SSRG Reverse Engineering Panel

Unlocking access to Sonic 2's Hidden Palace Zone took the Sonic fandom by storm, unleashing a tsunami of dedicated research into the early Genesis Sonic titles. The SSRG alumni discuss the origins of the events that unfolded, how challenges were overcome, and what led to the advanced technical side of the Sonic game modding scene.

2PM The Lost Appreciation For Classicvania

Castlevania often gets lumped into two different forms of gameplay style: MetroidVania and Classicvania. In this discussion, ultra-fan of the series, Mike Levy discusses the lost appreciation of the less popular Classicvania style and why it's resurgence is needed more than ever.

3PM ROM Hacking to Translate an Anime Game

Jonko, project lead and ROM hacker at the Haroohie Translation Club, will demystify the technical challenges involved in unofficial translations of video games and walk you through the process from initial investigation to patch release.