Arcade Contributor Form


  • You must provide your own transportation for the machine(s) to the event. The event has ground level loading and there is easy loading in/out to the arcade room. We may have volunteers/event staff at the event to help you load/unload but please be prepared to bring the machine into the venue and set it up yourself.

  • We will provide electrical outlets to plug the machine in. The event has high quality power distribution equipment. Please bring extension cords if you have them.

  • Retroworld agrees to provide the following perks for bringing machines: 1 Arcade/Pinball Machine – 2 Free Weekend Passes, 2 Arcade/Pinball Machines – 3 Free Weekend Passes, 3-4 Arcade/Pinball Machines – 4 Free Weekend Passes, 5-6 Arcade/Pinball Machines – 4 Free Weekend Passes + 10×10 Booth Space, 6+ Arcade Pinball Machines.

  • All games must be set to free play for the event. If your game does not have free play please load up as many free credits the morning of or install a button to trigger the credits.

  • All games must be in good, cosmetic and working condition. Please do not bring any machine(s) that need repairs or are not working properly. If a machine has issues or goes down during the event you agree to try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  • RetroWorld LLC or the venue is not responsible for any damages incurred during the event.

  • You agree to leave your machine set up and playing until Sunday after 5pm.

  • Thank you in advance for supporting the event – by bringing an arcade machine you are helping to make this expo a great event and supporting the local gaming community!!

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