Every year RetroWorld Expo brings out a variety of special guests from video game industry vets to some of your favorite YouTube personalities.  

Guests are located in our Guest Area on the main show floor and you will get a chance to meet and interact with them throughout the weekend. In addition, the majority of our guests host an assortment of panels with Q&A sessions.

A few of our guests are highlighted throughout the weekend with specific Meet & Greet times where you can meet them, chat and get autographs. (See Schedule for Meet & Greet times)

Chris Alaimo "Classic Gaming Quarterly"

Chris Alaimo is the creator and host of Classic Gaming Quarterly, a #YouTubechannel best known for its console launch videos and vintage #gamingmagazine read-throughs. He also hosts CGQ+, where he talks about his personal gaming history, gives peeks behind the scenes at CGQ-HQ, and does the occasional live stream

Shane Luis "Rerez"

#Rerez is a YouTube series that shows off the very best and worst of everything in the game industry. Featuring Shane and Adam in shows like, "The Worst Ever Series", "Positives" and "Just Bad Games."

Adam Keresztyen "Rerez"

#Rerez is a YouTube series that shows off the very best and worst of everything in the game industry. Featuring Shane and Adam in shows like, "The Worst Ever Series", "Positives" and "Just Bad Games."

Lon Seidman "Lon.TV"

Lon Seidman of the YouTube channel Lon.TV to is the host and producer of, “Lon.TV,” a consumer technology video show that is on a number of platforms including #YouTube#Facebook, and #Amazon. He creates consumer friendly videos that focus on in-depth technology product reviews and commentary.

Pam D "Cannot Be Tamed"

 Pam of the Youtube channel Cannot Be Tamed does new and retro gaming reviews, lists and the occasional game development history lesson! Specializing in spotlighting lesser known titles for a variety of systems, Pam is always excited when people discover new games through her videos.

Mike Pixley

Mike Pixley is a veteran youtuber and a mind behind the gaming channel Treesicle, as well as the driving force of their anime sister channel: Bonsai Pop.
A New England local who's bringing popculture back to the brainwaves with professional insight and analysis. Say hi and you might just get a story you never knew!

Coury Carlson and Marc Duddleson   "My Life in Gaming"

Coury Carlson and Marc Duddleson, started their YouTube channel with the “How to Beat” VHS-style series. My Life In #Gaming has gone on to showcase unique #retrogames, interviews industry figures, and more. My Life in Gaming’s most popular series is the, “RGB Master Class,” which breaks down the complex topic of getting the best picture out of #retroconsoles into easy-to-understand episodes.

Derek Alexander "Stop Skeletons From Fighting"

Derek has been in the YouTube game since winning GameTrailer’s “Out Nerd the Nerd” Competition in 2007. He actively posted reviews and content as the HVGN until 2015, when he decided he felt stymied by the old name. Thus, Stop Skeletons From Fighting was born.

"Pixel Dan" Eardley ""

Reviewer, reporter, and all-around toy enthusiast Pixel Dan is coming to #RetroWorldExpo 2019! Growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Dan enjoyed a variety of popular toys including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, ThunderCats, Voltron, and many more.

His love of toys has followed him into his adult life where he continues to collect toys both new and old. Through his popular videos on his YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, Dan shares his enthusiasm for the collecting hobby with the world.

Jay Hunter "The Game Chasers - The Shady Jay Show"

Jay Hunter of The Game Chasers and The Shady Jay Show is coming to RWX! Starting out with the break-out YouTube show "The Game Chasers", Jay has traveled the globe in search of video games, toys, and the occasional twerking video. He's also the mind behind the Youtube channel "The Shady Jay Show" where he takes a more personal look at everything from playing video games, to Grabbin Grub! Join us in welcoming him to the show!

Game Dave

Game Dave helps you get Digitally Distracted with video games of all kinds. Talk shows, narratives, skits, and gaming inspired short films all come together to take you on a video game journey! Game Dave features old school and modern game reviews with a twist. Playing Duck Hunt with a machine gun, arcade cabinets crashing through ceilings, you never know what to expect in a new episode. From story-based video reviews to import gaming with the FamiCorner series, Game Dave shares an optimistic look at the best hobby out there... gaming!

Steve Golson

Steve Golson worked for General Computer of Cambridge, MA from 1981 through 1985.  He was responsible for the hardware design for GCC's arcade enhancement kits Super Missile Attack and Ms. Pac-Man.  Steve also worked on the MARIA graphics chip for the Atari 7800 ProSystem home console.  Steve contributed to various other arcade game projects at GCC, including Atari’s Food Fight.  Steve is a frequent contributor to the education program at the American Classic Arcade Museum (ACAM) and is a frequent speaker with ACAM at events such as PAX-East & ReplayFX. 

Mike Stulir

Classic console gamers will know Mike because of his work on the engineering team that created Atari’s Flashback and Flashback 2 retro consoles.  However, Mike’s true passion is classic coin-op arcade games.  Mike has been a member of the American Classic Arcade Museum (ACAM) Board of Directors since 2007, and has served as its Vice-President since 2013.  Mike’s role includes speaking engagements on behalf of ACAM at trade events and overseeing ACAM’s presence at gaming shows like PAX-East & ReplayFX.  Mike also manages the education program at ACAM that pairs classic game developers with college students looking for careers in the video game industry.

"Kelsey" Kelciumchloride

Kelciumchloride is a female cosplayer based out of Northern NJ.  She has been published in magazines and websites for her cosplay work. Kelcium is an avid video game collector and know for her video game themed cosplay.

"Paige" Plasyan

Paige "Plasyan" fell in love with #cosplay at her first NYComic Con and has been cosplaying ever since along with being an avid gamer and #anime fan! Come see Paige to discuss cosplay techniques and your passion for cosplay at #RWX2019!


Lame Genie (Musical Guest)

Lame Genie is a heavy 3.5 piece video game cover band from Providence, RI. What is the .5 you ask? If you have never been in contact with the half member and taco bell loving, BT Jones, then you are in for a bell grande surprise. If this is too cheesy, then maybe you need to get yourself a gordita crunch. Lame Genie’s goal is to re-imagine video game music to sound as BIG as possible, from all eras of gaming.

RF Switch (Musical Guest)

R/F Switch (like its iconic 80s and 90s namesake) is an instrumental progressive rock quartet whose set-list switches back and forth from video game music to classic 80s TV themes.

Falconeer (Musical Guest)

Falconeer is a new instrumental audio/visual project bringing the spectacle back to live music in New Haven, CT. Blending over the top synth pop and retro game influences, Falconeer builds on a vintage synthesizers, modified video game consoles, and a bit of tongue in cheek nostalgia for hyperbolic electronic hits of the 80s to make a sound somewhere between Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem. Be sure to check him out!

DJ RADLIB (Musical Guest)

Best Spuds (CT Featured Youtuber)

Local Connecticut Youtubers, Best Spuds consists of 6 friends who share a passion for gaming. On their Let's Play channel, you'll find them playing anything from current to retro games on both YouTube and Twitch. They specialize in goofy dating simulators and indie games. They’ve been actively creating content since 2015 and hope to continue and expand!

Stephen Christina Jr (CT Featured Youtuber)
Super Retro Throwback Reviews

Steven is the Host, Producer, and Creator of Super Retro Throwback Reviews, Super Retro Throwback Reviews has been keeping the community informed on the latest Movie, Music and Video Game News for 3 years, they also do a 31 Days of Horror Marathon Every October as well as their popular Mobile Movie Review series where they Review the movie on their cell phone after seeing the movie on its opening weekend, also they have gone to every Comic, Horror and Gamer Con From Boston to New York and every Con in between to bring you coverage from the convention. They had the privilege of speaking to celebrities like: David Ellifson from Megadeth, (Last Years RetroWorldExpo Guest) Tim Kitzrow, Don Coscarelli Director of Phantasm and so many others. Super Retro Throwback Reviews is honored to be here at RetroWorldExpo and we look forward to meeting everyone there.

The Geeky Panda (CT Featured Youtuber)
James Casey

James Casey is the Creator for both the YouTube and TwitchTV/Mixer GP channels. James has worked in both the AAA Gaming Industry as Q/A Tester and Gaming Journalism for websites. The Geeky Panda provides content with Gaming Let’s Plays/Streams, Convention Overview/Coverage, Interviews with Game Devs, Cosplay Music Videos and more.

More Guest Announcements Coming Soon