2024 Guests


T.C. Carson

T.C. has been acting in films and games for over 30 years.  Most gamers will recognize T.C. as the ORIGINAL voice of Kratos in the God of War franchise where he voices the character in GoW 1-3, GoW Ascension, both PSP game entries as well as in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat 9, and SoulCalibur Broken Destiny.  T.C. also has voice Mace Windu in the animated hit Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as various other star wars games and animated features.  He recently voiced Green Lantern in Justice League Cosmic Chaos.  T.C. has been in so many film and gaming projects (he’s also an accomplished singer!) we are sure you are familiar with it is impossible to sum it all up and do it justice.


"Lazy Game Reviews" Clint Basinger

Clint Basinger is the actual human behind the LGR YouTube channel, a series of videos going since 2009 dedicated to revisiting retro technology and covering the history of vintage computing. Whether it's weird enough to appear on LGR Oddware, showing up on a shelf in LGR Thrifts, or is just an old computer with a slightly strange mouse – chances are it's an LGR Thing. 

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Jason Griffith

Known as "Sonic" from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise 2003 to 2009 from Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) to Sonic and the Black Knight (2009) , He also voiced the character in the animated show Sonic X (2003) He is also known for voicing Usopp and Yasopp One Piece (1999), Usagi Yojimbo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) animated series, Atticus Rhodes in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (2008), as well as various characters in Pokémon (1997).. 


Pete Capella

Pete Capella is an American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian, who has done voice work for the Sonic the Hedgehog series as "Silver the Hedgehog" starting in 2005 and beyond.  Pete has also voiced the character "Dexter" in Yu-Gi-Oh!


Warren Davis

Warren Davis began his career in the videogame industry at Gottlieb where he developed the hugely successful arcade classic, Q*bert. This was followed by a sci-fi themed laserdisc game, Us Vs. Them, which featured scenes of live actors integrated into levels of gameplay.  At Williams, he contributed to Joust 2 and helped develop the system that became NARC. He was part of the team that created Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Revolution X featuring Aerosmith. He also created the digitizing system that Williams/Bally/Midway used for many of their hit games of the 1990s including Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam, as well as the aforementioned T2 and Rev X.

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Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock has been the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog video games since 2003. He’s also been heard in Ultimate Muscle:The Kinnikuman Legacy, Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Pokémon, and Berserk, as Sir Hardin Thicke. He also appeared on Howard Stern’s Master Tape Theatre.


"Phoenix Resale" Caleb Ashton

Caleb has been a YouTube poser for three years and a scumbag reseller for even longer. His hobbies include lowballing children at yard sales, inflating the retro video game market, creating trashy clickbait and pretending to be a real gamer. He often bribes his way onto convention panels and aspires to one day sell a copy of Brain Age for over $1,000.


Jeremy Parish

Jeremy Parish co-hosts the Retronauts podcast, produces the NES Works video series, has authored various video game books and works as media curator at Limited Run Games and Press Run. He has previously worked at IGN, served as editor-in-chief for 1UP and USgamer, and contributed to numerous gaming magazines.  He currently lives in Raleigh, NC, with his talented wife Cat and an ever-growing brood of analog RGB video game capture devices.  You can find him on X(@gamespite) posting video game musings, photos of cocktails, and dad jokes.


"Macho Nacho Productions" Tito

Meet Tito, a super passionate guy who loves bringing retro video game consoles back to life and giving them a fun twist. As the founder of Macho Nacho Productions, he runs a super cool YouTube channel where he dives into all the latest and greatest mods out there. Join him on his journey of gaming nostalgia and epic modifications!


Mort's Garage

RWX welcomes @MortsGarage Mix together an unnecessarily broad knowledge of all things retro video games, an overt love of auteur filmmakers and then infuse it with humor and psychology, and you get Mort's Garage. Originally a part of Pixel Game Squad, Mort is now on the hunt for the LAST PIECE of his complete in box Nintendo 64 collection - a manual worth anywhere from $3k-$6k. But that's insane, right? No one should be spending that much money on a few pieces of paper. Which is what the channel is ultimately trying to uncover with a heaping of grace and a good long look in the mirror.  


Audie Sorlie

Most well-known for his unhealthy love for CD-i and budget PS2 shovelware on Digital Foundry, Audi Sorlie is a 20+ year veteran of the games industry. In addition to his role as the Burt Ward of DF, Audi has authored several books on various subjects of game history, worked as a producer on games across Europe, Japan and North America, and today produces all in-house developments at Limited Run Games, including Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore.


Seth "Dopply" Fulkerson

Seth made his video game debut with the fabled Zelda CD-i remasters, before embarking on an all new career path as a full time game developer. His debut, Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore, became one of 2024's biggest indie releases and has taken the industry by storm with its sincerity and charm.

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RWX is very excited to announce the Independent Game Developer "Headcannon" at Retroworld Expo 2023!  Headcannon is known for their work on the critically acclaimed Sonic Mania, and Sonic 1 & 2 Remastered.  Headcannon will have a booth at this year's show and be hosting their very own panel "From Headcanon to Headcannon: Game Dev for Fun and Profit" on Sat Aug 26th at 5pm!  Be sure to check them out all weekend at the show!

Dan Kitchen

As a passionate game player and veteran Activision Game Designer, Dan Kitchen is credited with producing over 240 commercially released games across 15 game platforms.  During his career Dan is renowned for designing such Atari 2600 classics as CRACKPOTS™, GHOSTBUSTERS™, TOMCAT: THE F-14 FIGHTER SIMULATOR™, CROSSBOW™ and KUNG-FU MASTER™. Dan is now designing and programming DAN KITCHEN’S CASEY'S GOLD!™ for the Atari 2600 which he hopes to release in late 2024.


"RetroRGB" Bob Neal

Bob is the founder of RetroRGB, a website, YouTube channel and podcast dedicated to classic gaming. RetroRGB helps people get a good experience from retro consoles, as well as keeps people up to date with info on new classic gaming products, and highlights the developers behind these amazing creations.


"Retro Tech" Steve Nutter

Steve is a Cathode Ray Tube Specialist set on saving CRTs for future generations to enjoy. His channel, Retro Tech is dedicated to Preserving CRT Monitors, Televisions and other Vintage Technologies through the art of hardware repairs and restorations.


Diamond Feit

Diamond Feit (xe/xem) is a writer and podcaster from Osaka, Japan. Born in New York, Diamond has been a Retronauts contributor since 2018, hyping Neo Geo games and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to any and all parties, willing or otherwise


Nadia Oxford

Nadia Oxford is a well-aged (well, adequately-aged) podcaster and writer with an enduring love for retro video games. She's written for a veritable army of game-based magazines and sites over the years, including 1UP.com, Nerve.com, USgamer.net, Gamepro, Official PlayStation Magazine, Inverse, and many more. She's currently the co-host of the Axe of the Blood God, a podcast dedicated to role-playing games old and new, eastern and western. You can find her X and Instagram nonsense over at @nadiaoxford

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Marking the group’s fourth consecutive expo appearance, SSRG charter staff members Saxman and SSNTails will return to Retroworld Expo 2024, with two new panels!

Saxman, the renowned SEGA Genesis ROM hacker, will discuss the ins and outs of FM programming and cover how FM sounds can be transferred across Yamaha FM-compatible hardware, including the SEGA Genesis. Meanwhile, SSNTails, co-creator of popular Doom mod 'Sonic Robo Blast 2', will give a primer on how to get started making your own custom maps for id Software's classic.

Both Saxman and SSNTails are alumni of the SSRG, which played a pivotal role in launching the Sonic research and game modding communities in the mid-1990s.




French is the self-proclaimed shy blerd behind the BlakRanger helmet. He started making YouTube videos 3 years ago to help break out of his shell and hasn’t looked back since. He mainly focuses on all things retro and nostalgia from games and toys to comics and movies.



Rax the Great

He’s BACK! RAXtheGREAT is a local content creator/livestreamer, he may have a smaller channel than some, but he has BIG personality! RAX livestreams everything from retro to modern games with a blunt comedic approach. His favorite TV shows growing up were Beavis and Butthead, Southpark, and Chappelle’s show: That should give you a good idea of where his humor comes from! If you’re fan of livestreams and are looking for a new channel to watch check him out!


Russ Lyman

Russ is a long time creator on YouTube and MEGA lover of all things Nintendo! As if you couldn’t tell that already from the real life Mario Kart car he built out of a Scion xA. That's not all he built, he loves creating custom retro consoles, controllers and more. He has even done some unique cosplay such as his NES color palette Jason and Freddy Kruger. Uploading weekly videos on his youtube channel he also runs his podcast The Weekly Warp Pipe with his buddy The NES Addict where they jump back into the past and chat about retro games, toys, cartoons and more. Come find Russ and ask him,”Russ, Whatcha’ Doin”, I’m sure you’ll get a smile out of him.

rick cancel

Retro Rick (Cancellation)

Unable to attend due to scheduling conflict.