Every year RetroWorld Expo brings out a variety of special guests from video game industry vets to some of your favorite YouTube personalities, and more. 

Caleb Ashton of "Phoenix Resale"

 Caleb has been a YouTube poser for three years and a scumbag reseller for even longer. His hobbies include lowballing children at yard sales, inflating the retro video game market, creating trashy clickbait and pretending to be a real gamer. He often bribes his way onto convention panels and aspires to one day sell a copy of Brain Age for over $1,000.

Tito of "Macho Nacho Productions"

 Meet Tito, a super passionate guy who loves bringing retro video game consoles back to life and giving them a fun twist. As the founder of Macho Nacho Productions, he runs a super cool YouTube channel where he dives into all the latest and greatest mods out there. Join him on his journey of gaming nostalgia and epic modifications!

Dan Larson "Secret Galaxy"

Dan Larson is the writer and host of Secret Galaxy on YouTube. A weekly show about the history of action figures, television shows, movies, videogames and all the associated pop culture bits of the last 5 decades.

Ian James Corlett

For decades @ianjamescorlett has been serving up unique voice characterizations for projects of every genre.  He began his career voicing radio and TV commercials and soon found himself working in animated feature films and series such as the EMMY- nominated cuteness of DINOSAUR TRAIN CartoonNetwork's zany JOHNNY TEST and working for every major animation and gaming producer.  Ian cemented his standing in animation history by originating the iconic English voice of GOKU in Dragonball Z, as well as voicing many other 90's icons like CHEETOR in Beastwars/Transformers, the original MEGAMAN and BOB in REBOOT.

Currently Ian can be heard as MIROKU in Yashahime, PILAR in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, CLUTCH POWERS in Ninjago, AJ in Disney Jr's Firebuds, FYNCH in Destiny 2, and TOM HALL in the Cobra Kai video games.  Most of lan's time is spent in front of a microphone, but when he isn't recording, he is writing; books, feature films and creating several hit series' including his namesake animated series, BEING IAN which ran for 65 episodes and a movie.  lan spends his non-working time following professional motorsport and racing his own cars.

Terry Torok

Terry is  the OG of eSports… a pioneer of videogame competitions since their inception. Terry was the producer and host of the original Nintendo World Championship tour and the finals in Hollywood.  He was the creator of the first dedicated eSports arena in Times Square NY – XSNY. Terry produced major game competitions across the USA and the Middle East. He has produced over 200 hours of television, including the host of the daily worldwide TV show Video Power, producer of the first Sonic the Hedgehog series and the voice of several classic video games. He was a co-creator of some of the greatest media sponsorships, including the first commercial in space, the selling the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hollywood sign, shows for Superbowl Halftime, the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.

Terry has spent the past 12 years creating college competitions and global races for social impact; bringing change-makers, filmmakers and rising influencers together. His recent documentary work includes a collaboration with MrBeast Philanthropy, the Street Child World Cup in Qatar, and the upcoming Story Camp at Sundance.  Terry travels to college campuses around the world as a guest lecturer on gamification for good. Terry is also creating the A-Game series, that converts the work of authors like Deepak Chopra, into a new generation of meta-games for deeper impact.

Retro Rick (Sat Only)

 Retro Rick has been creating videos on YouTube for 4 years now! He is always on the hunt for all things 80s & 90s nostalgia! Taking the viewer along on the journey, he finds EVERYTHING from movies, toys, and games. His channel primarily focuses on live game/toy hunting at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. 

Tim Kitzrow

Joining us to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of NBA Jam, the signature voice of classic games like NBA JAM, NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, MLB Slugfest, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, and College Slam RETURNS to RWX.  BOOM SHAKALAKA!!

Jeremy Parish

Jeremy Parish co-hosts the Retronauts podcast, produces the NES Works video series, and works as media curator at Limited Run Games and Press Run. He has previously worked at IGN, served as editor-in-chief for 1UP and USgamer, and contributed to numerous gaming magazines.  He currently lives in Raleigh, NC, with his talented wife Cat and an ever-growing brood of analog RGB video game capture devices.  You can find him on Twitter (@gamespite) posting video game musings, photos of cocktails, and dad jokes.

Nadia Oxford

Nadia Oxford is a well-aged (well, adequately-aged) podcaster and writer with an enduring love for retro video games. She's written for a veritable army of game-based magazines and sites over the years, including 1UP.com, Nerve.com, USgamer.net, Gamepro, Official PlayStation Magazine, Inverse, and many more. She's currently the co-host of the Axe of the Blood God, a podcast dedicated to role-playing games old and new, eastern and western. You can find her Twitter nonsense over at @nadiaoxford. 

Diamond Feit

Diamond Feit (xe/xem) is a writer and podcaster from Osaka, Japan. Born in New York, Diamond has been a Retronauts contributor since 2018, hyping Neo Geo games and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to any and all parties, willing or otherwise. 

Bob Neal of RetroRGB

 Bob is the founder of RetroRGB, a website, YouTube channel and podcast dedicated to classic gaming. RetroRGB helps people get a good experience from retro consoles, as well as keeps people up to date with info on new classic gaming products, and highlights the developers behind these amazing creations.

Gangrel (Sat Only)

The wrestling superstar and the wrestler you played as on the N64! From his mesmerizing entrance with the flaming goblet to his dominating performances in the ring, Gangrel has left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling! Meet him live!Info and tix at RetroWorldExpo.com

Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling & Special Guest Gangrel

 Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling, the premiere pro wrestling organization in the Northeast, will bring live pro wrestling once again to this year's RetroWorld Expo!  Live matches will take place on both Saturday and Sunday in a full size wrestling ring!  Blitzkrieg has announced they will also be bringing former WWE, ECW, and ACW  almt "Gangrel" to the show for a Saturday Only meet and greet!

Sonic Stuff Research Group

Join group co-founder Andy Wolan, along with charter members Saxman, Rlan and SSNTails for the Sonic Stuff Research Group Reunion! Learn about the genesis and technical challenges of classic Sonic game modding, SFGHQ, and talk to a co-creator of fan-favorite SRB2. Sonic Stuff Research Group.

Brian Blackmore

Brian Blackmore is a comedian, digital content creator, and musician whose videos have been viewed over 50 million times.  His wise-cracking manager character, and cast of colorful musicians (all played by Brian) have been shared by the likes of Chris Jericho, Hall & Oates, and Simple Plan.  Brian has also been featured in content for Netflix, Intel, & Capcom.

Mike Levy

Mike Levy has been doing his skit-based review show, "Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?!" @dyhptg for the past 11 years, along with a few other series like Gaming Linguistics, Noob Repair and his VGM podcast he co-hosts, XVGM Radio. His channel is also dedicated to the Castlevania and Bloodstained series where he showcases exciting news and interviews.

Sweet Tooth Collectibles

Sweet Tooth Collectibles @sweettoothcollectibles will be at Retro World Expo both days with Jeszar hosting Pokemon Pack Breaks on a projector screen!  Known for their fun Instagram videos and large Pokemon collection Sweet Tooth Collectibles have been teaming up with Game Underground @gameundergroundstore at local conventions to bring extra excitement to the Pokemon scene. They can be found in the Game Underground Retro Rumble area all weekend if you want to take a chance at finding that rare Charizard!

Travis Landry

 Travis Landry is an auctioneer in the collectible's scene working as the Director of Pop Culture for Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers in Cranston, Rhode Island. He can currently be seen as an expert appraiser on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow for Collectibles and Toys and Games. He was previously a recurring cast member on Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter and aided author Mark Bellomo in writing The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers (2016). Come say hello at the Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers booth at Retro World Expo! 

Car Exhibit by Rad Stallions

Our friends at Rad Stallions have organized a showing of vehicles at this years show!  Check them in person and take some pics with the cars!


Taking the Main Stage at 7pm on Saturday 8/26! Check them out and the entire expo all weekend!