Every year RetroWorld Expo brings out a variety of special guests from video game industry vets to some of your favorite YouTube personalities, and more. 

Clint Basinger "LGR Lazy Game Reviews"

 Clint Basinger is the actual human behind the LGR YouTube channel, a series of videos going since 2009 dedicated to revisiting retro technology and covering the history of vintage computing. Whether it's weird enough to appear on LGR Oddware, showing up on a shelf in LGR Thrifts, or is just an old computer with a slightly strange mouse – chances are it's an LGR Thing. 

Warren Davis

 Warren Davis began his career in the videogame industry at Gottlieb where he developed the hugely successful arcade classic, Q*bert. This was followed by a sci-fi themed laserdisc game, Us Vs. Them, which featured scenes of live actors integrated into levels of gameplay.  At Williams, he contributed to Joust 2 and helped develop the system that became NARC. He was part of the team that created Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Revolution X featuring Aerosmith. He also created the digitizing system that Williams/Bally/Midway used for many of their hit games of the 1990s including Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam, as well as the aforementioned T2 and Rev X.
During a hiatus from Williams, he created the surreal and unusual Exterminator. In the mid-1990s, Warren left the arcade industry and worked on a variety of home games for Disney and other companies. He was, for a short time, a Disney Imagineer and has also worked for Industrial Light and Magic.  In 2018, he was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame. This past January, his memoir about his years in the coin-op industry – Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Arcade Games – was published by Santa Monica Press and is now available worldwide.

Jeremy Parish

 Jeremy Parish co-hosts the Retronauts podcast, produces the NES Works video series, has authored various video game books and works as media curator at Limited Run Games and Press Run. He has previously worked at IGN, served as editor-in-chief for 1UP and USgamer, and contributed to numerous gaming magazines.  He currently lives in Raleigh, NC, with his talented wife Cat and an ever-growing brood of analog RGB video game capture devices.  You can find him on X(@gamespite) posting video game musings, photos of cocktails, and dad jokes.

Retro Rick 

 Retro Rick has been creating videos on YouTube for 5 years now! He is always on the hunt for all things 80s & 90s nostalgia! Taking the viewer along on the journey, he finds EVERYTHING from movies, toys, and games. His channel primarily focuses on live game/toy hunting at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales.

Caleb Ashton of "Phoenix Resale"

 Caleb has been a YouTube poser for three years and a scumbag reseller for even longer. His hobbies include lowballing children at yard sales, inflating the retro video game market, creating trashy clickbait and pretending to be a real gamer. He often bribes his way onto convention panels and aspires to one day sell a copy of Brain Age for over $1,000.

Tito of "Macho Nacho Productions"

 Meet Tito, a super passionate guy who loves bringing retro video game consoles back to life and giving them a fun twist. As the founder of Macho Nacho Productions, he runs a super cool YouTube channel where he dives into all the latest and greatest mods out there. Join him on his journey of gaming nostalgia and epic modifications!