Tim Kitzrow "NBA JAM"

BOOMSHAKALAKA!! For 25 years, Tim Kitzrow has enjoyed a run as the signature voice of classic games like NBA JAM, NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, MLB Slugfest, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, and College Slam. He is the only talent in gaming to voice all four major sports leagues. A Chicago based Voice Artist and NBA pop culture personality, Kitzrow is known to fans for his one of a kind, sensational sports commentary. He has appeared on television and radio with ESPN, worked with marquee NBA franchises.

Sal DiVita "Midway & THQ Games"

Sal has been involved in the video game industry for over 25 years as both a game developer (Art Director / Designer Director / Creative Director) and as a video and motion capture performer. His arcade and console game credits include NBA JAM, NFL BLITZ, MLB SLUGFEST, WWE ALLSTARS, and many others. In addition, his video game character credits include Mortal Kombat 3's Nightwolf, Sektor, Cyrax, and Smoke ... not to mention "Beefcake Boy" in the Crusin' USA series. His motion capture character and stunt performances are in nearly every 3D Midway game made, including NFL BLITZ, MK 4, THE GRID, MLB SLUGFEST, PSI-OPS, WWE ALL STARS, and many others.

The Gaming Historian

Norman Caruso is the creator of The Gaming Historian, a YouTube documentary series that explores the history of video games. Want to learn about the landmark lawsuits that changed the industry? Or why the Power Glove wasn’t “so bad” after all? The Gaming Historian has you covered.

Bob Backlund (WWE Hall of Famer)

Known to millions globally as Pro/Wrestling’s Three.Time World Champion, "Bob Backlund" is the All-American Boy personified.  In 2016 Bob was solidified as one of the all time wrestling greats when he was inducted into the "WWE Hall of Fame."  In 2015 Bob  also co-authored his autobiography  "Backlund: From All-American Boy to Professional Wrestling’s
World Champion".

Richard Divizio "Kano"

Rich is the original actor that portrayed "Kano" in the original arcade smash hit Mortal Kombat as well as its sequels Mortal Kombat 2 and 3.  He also played the characters of Kabal, Quan-Chi and Baraka in the MK series as well.  He is the only actor who has appeared in all of the digitized Mortal Kombat games,  Rich has also been in a number of films in various roles such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze" as a foot clan ninja, a thug in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight", and more.

Derek Alexander "Stop Skeletons From Fighting"

Derek has been in the YouTube game since winning GameTrailer’s “Out Nerd the Nerd” Competition in 2007. He actively posted reviews and content as the HVGN until 2015, when he decided he felt stymied by the old name. Thus, Stop Skeletons From Fighting was born.

Daniel Pesina "Johnny Cage"

Daniel is the original actor that portrayed "Johnny Cage" in the original arcade smash its Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2 as well as all the ninja characters in the game i.e. Scorpion, Sub-Zero... Daniel is also a master at the Chicago Wushu school in Chicago, IL and has won numerous awards in forms, weapons and fighting on the A.A.U., N.A.S.K.A., and U.S.A. KungFu/Wushu circuits.


(SAT ONLY) The host of his popular YouTube channel of the same name, RGT85 comes to RWX!  RGT85 brings the best content in the world of retro gaming with a dash of modern gaming thrown in. From the NES to current gen, you will find a wide variety of retro news, reviews, features, and much more.

Anthony Marquez

Anthony is the actor who portrayed Kung Lao in the arcade hits Mortal Kombat 2 and 3. He also appeared as a Wind God as well as a Monk in Mortal Kombat Mythologies, a Ninja in Revolution X and a guard in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. He was also the NASKA National Chinese Wushu Forms Champion in 1996.

We're looking forward to his first RWX appearance, and we hope you are, too!

My Life In Gaming

Hosts Coury Carlson and Marc Duddleson started their YouTube channel with the “How to Beat” VHS-style series. My Life in Gaming has gone on to showcase unique retro games, interview industry figures, and more. My Life in Gaming’s most popular series is the “RGB Master Class,” which breaks down the complex topic of getting the best picture out of retro consoles into easy-to-understand episodes.

Game Dave

Game Dave helps you get Digitally Distracted with video games of all kinds. Talk shows, narratives, skits, and gaming inspired short films all come together to take you on a video game journey! Game Dave features old school and modern game reviews with a twist. Playing Duck Hunt with a machine gun, arcade cabinets crashing through ceilings, you never know what to expect in a new episode. From story-based video reviews to import gaming with the FamiCorner series, Game Dave shares an optimistic look at the best hobby out there... gaming!

Pat Contri

Pat Contri is a video game player, collector, and historian known for his web shows Pat the NES Punk, Flea Market Madness, and The Completely Unnecessary Podcast. He is the author of Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, and conducts the live annual NES Charity Marathon.

John Delia

Creator of the the hit show "The Video Game Years" seen on Amazon Prime, and RetrowareTV.com, John Delia (a CT Native) will be at RWX to discuss the future of the show and more.

Falconeer (Musical Guest)

Falconeer is a new instrumental audio/visual project bringing the spectacle back to live music in New Haven, CT. Blending over the top synth pop and retro game influences, Falconeer builds on a vintage synthesizers, modified video game consoles, and a bit of tongue in cheek nostalgia for hyperbolic electronic hits of the 80s to make a sound somewhere between Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem. Be sure to check him out!

Wrestling With Gaming (Yahel)

Yahel is a former professional wrestler and the creator behind the Wrestling With Gaming Youtube channel. Concentrating on in-depth gaming documentaries, Wrestling With Gaming features deeply researched videos that go well beyond what you may have read on Wikipedia or elsewhere. Whether it’s tackling the little-known Sega VR headset for the Genesis/Mega Drive, or uncovering the tangled web of business connections related to the GameShark, Yahel’s documentaries cover it all. Wrestling With Gaming has also become home to off-the-rails Philips CD-I livestreams that set out to redeem the often misunderstood console. 

Lance Cortez

Co-Creator of the popular retro video game website RetrowareTV.com Lance (a CT native), has worked on webseries such as Retroware: The Show, Strictly Arcade, The Videocade Commentaries, The Video Game Years and is one of the event organizers for RetroWorld Expo.

RAXtheGREAT and Retro Gaming Arts
(CT Featured Youtubers)

Every year. RetroWorld Expo features some of our home state's great YouTube talent. Two of RWX '18's Connecticut-based Featured YouTube creators will be Raxthegreat and Retro Gaming Arts!

RAXtheGREAT aka Ryan Alexander is an up and coming local YouTube content creator who does everything from comedy skits to game and product reviews. He has also been featured and collaborated with many larger YouTube channels and is excited to be a guest at this year's show!

Retro Gaming Arts aka Paul Barnas is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to the full retro gaming experience... from YouTube Videos, to modified consoles, to resources on how to fix or diagnose consoles yourself.

Rebel Gaming Club (Musical Guest)

The Rebel Gaming Club is a band of misfits singing songs about video games with attitude.  You can catch them each week on their youtube channel of the same name. 

RF Switch (Musical Guest)

R/F Switch (like its iconic 80s and 90s namesake) is an instrumental progressive rock quartet whose set-list switches back and forth from video game music to classic 80s TV themes.

Super Thrash Bros. (Musical Guest) 

Super Thrash Bros. is a nerdcore band from the Jersey shore that re-imagines the immersive experience of classic gaming by blending the high energy of a rock/metal band with all your favorite video game tunes. Part cosplay, part gaming, and all music, Super Thrash Bros. will take you on a sonic adventure from Hyrule Castle to the Mushroom Kingdom and everything in between.

Travis Landry 

Travis Landry is a Pop Culture expert and television personality specializing in toys, comics, and collectibles. Travis works as the Director of Pop Culture for Altered Reality Entertainment and Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers of Cranston, Rhode Island organizing catalogued collector toy, comic, and collectible auctions. He is currently an expert on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow working in the collectibles and toys and games department. Previously Travis was a reoccurring cast member on Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter and aided author Mark Bellomo in writing The Ultimate Guide to Transformers Action Figures, 2016. Travis will be present Sunday for a panel on buying, selling, and investing in Pop Culture and conducting the Retro World Expo video game and collectibles auction.


X-Bit Gaming is an official Facebook Gaming Content Creator group reigning from Boston Massachusetts.  You'll have a chance to meet the entire team at the expo as they will be set up live streaming throughout the event.

CultureDog "Sam Hatch"

This CT native radio personality and CultureDog Youtube channel host, Sam Hatch discusses everything Home theater, laserdisc (and other shiny circles), music, live concerts, film/television commentary and more. John Sam as he hosts his panel showcasing everything laserdisc and more.

The Titans of Co-Op

The Titans of Co-op are a speed run and high score video game team based in Detroit Michigan. The team consists of 8-Bit Steve and Sync who have multiple world records under their belt including big name titles like Golden Axe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Arcade game.
The Titans have a weekly Co-op Live Stream on the 1 Coin Only YouTube channel where they explore all things Co-op from many different eras and systems. The Titans are bringing live world record attempts to conventions all across the country and they have now locked their sights on the RetroWorldExpo.
You can watch them attempt to break the Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones 2-player world record live Saturday at 5pm on the main stage with commentary by Duane and Ricky D of 1 Coin only.

Adam Ruben

Comedian and pinball fanatic Adam Ruben, host of the Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science, tells fascinating stories from his new book, Pinball Wizards: Jackpots, Drains, and the Cult of the Silver Ball